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Marlene DuVall - Open 1D Champion
Kendra Vroegh - Open 1D Reserve Champion
Kelly Wellington - Open 2D Champion
Bethany Poling -  Open 2D Reserve Champion
Bethany Poling -  Open 3D Champion
Mary Pool -
Open 3D Reserve Champion
Cortney Ault -
Youth 1D Champion
Jodi Myers -
Youth 1D Reserve Champion
Bethany Poling -
Youth 2D Champion
Jamie Myers -
Youth 2D Reserve Champion
Morgan Weeks -
Youth 3D Champion
Grace Crawford  -
Youth 3D Reserve Champion
Thanks To:  Vicki Dittmer for announcing the winners, Kim Dittmer for handing out the awards, Bevin Allison for taking the pictures for the Webpage.  Also, to anyone not mentioned who made this ceremony possible! 

Summer Series Awards Winners